Robinson Osteosarcoma Fund

Chris and Jennifer Robinson established The Robinson Family Osteosarcoma Research Fund in 2015 with the sole purpose to support research for osteosarcoma at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.  The doctors and nurses and MD Anderson gave their daughter, Elise, excellent care and saw her to a current status of NED (No Evidence of Disease).  The Robinson Family is determined to focus their efforts on raising money to fund osteosarcoma research so those that get the same diagnosis in the future might have better options for treatment.  

Why MD Anderson?  The U.S. sees 15,000 new cases of sarcoma each year. It is a rare cancer, but very challenging — difficult to detect and to diagnose. Sarcoma often progresses undisturbed until a tumor is large enough to press on nerves and cause pain. It can develop in so many places in the body that physicians cannot quickly determine the cause. Discouragingly, the survival rate for patients has stagnated over the last 25 years.

More patients with sarcoma walk through the doors of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center than any other cancer center in the world. Few hospitals in the nation are dedicated solely to diagnosing and treating pediatric cancers. Fewer still also research this formidable disease. The University of Texas MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital is a renowned exception. Staffed with an interdisciplinary team of expert faculty, the Children’s Cancer Hospital drives advances in pediatric oncology that help improve the lives of patients here and around the world. The Children’s Cancer Hospital, along with support from MD Anderson’s Department of Sarcoma Medical Oncology and other onsite collaborators, has targeted osteosarcoma as a disease that can act as a knowledge gateway into the larger, incredibly complex sarcoma world.