Robinson Osteosarcoma Fund

This video show NK cells introduced to an environment with pediatric solid tumor cells (green).  The NK cells examine the solid tumor cells, determine them to be "bad" cells and then destroy them by "popping" the tumor cells.

attribution: Somanchi S & Lee D, PLoS ONE 2015

The Robinson Family Osteosarcoma Research Fund is backing a human clinical trial set to open at MD Anderson in October 2017.  It will use NK (natural killer) cells to target solid tumors in patients AND be open to patients younger than 18.  That is important to note, because children are often not eligible for life-saving clinical trials simply because of their age.

There have been no significant changes in the way osteosarcoma is treated since the early 1980s.  NK cells could be the first significant improvement in a very long time.  

  • NK cells directly kill cancer cells. 
  • There have been NO serious side effects in over 40 treated adult patients with blood cancer, which cannot be said of many immunotherapies.
  • This trial developed at MD Anderson, will help determine safety of NK cell therapy in children and young adults with pediatric solid tumors.
  • In lay terms, NK cell therapy provides the offense against tumors. 

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